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Medical Error Reduction
and Certification
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On-Site Training Proven
to Reduce Adverse Events
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Ensures Peak Performance
and Safety Compliance
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Reduces Expenses and
Increases Patient Safety

Because Saving a Life Matters

MERCI provides turn-key patient safety training programs designed specifically to serve hospitals with goals of reducing procedural medical errors and improving patient care. MERCI uses the Train-the-Trainer programs that have been developed and validated by Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine to not only reduce medical errors but to also create a net savings to the hospital.

MERCI provides:

  • On-site validated turnkey training program implementation for system-wide standardization of training.
  • On-site in-service and auditing services to reinforce performance standards and verify compliance.
  • Self-funded training programs that pay for themselves with cost savings through error reduction.

MERCI Satisfies all Patient Safety Advocates:

  • Medicine: Procedural training programs proven to improve patient outcomes by reducing mechanical errors and hospital acquired infections.
  • Risk: Validated programs proven to reduce the rate of adverse events and improve the overall culture of safety.
  • Finance: Training programs that show immediate return on investment by saving the hospital more than the cost of the training program by reducing expenses in three areas: non-reimbursed events, Medicare safety rating penalties, and litigation expenses.

Reduce adverse events and costs through evidence-based training programs.

To request a site audit that will determine the potential for adverse event reduction and the return on investment, please contact us.

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