About MERCI — Medical Error Reduction and Certification, Inc.

MERCI leverages the expertise of both a medical education curriculum expert – Northwestern University and a training expert – Simulab Corporation.


About Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

  • Developed and validated curriculum that can be implemented in other facilities
  • Published 11 journal articles on Central Line Insertion
  • Adheres to a proven teaching methodology
  • Created a data collection model so that training outcomes can be objectively measured to mark improvements toward stated goals


About Simulab:

  • World leader in design and manufacturing of medical education training models
  • Deep domain knowledge of best practice course implementations
  • Experienced national in-service team with proven track record of follow throughs
  • Successful project management team


A partnership with MERCI in the implementation of your central line error reduction program will save time and money and, more importantly, insure that your program is a success. MERCI can help your program get from Better to Best by outlining a facility-specific plan and supporting the achievement of increasingly more ambitious goals for error reduction, including mechanical and CLABSI errors. The savings from the additional error reductions would more than pay for the cost of the MERCI Central Line Program implementation.