Central Line Maintenance Training

Our clinical training programs use a novel and innovative form of learning, simulation-based mastery learning (SBML).  SBML ensures that all trainees meet an extremely high standard of performance on a simulator before working with actual patients.  All trainees who participate in SBML are required to meet or exceed a rigorous passing score before the completion of training. Those who do not meet this score undergo additional practice until they can be reassessed and reach this level. Therefore, training time varies, but educational outcomes are uniform and high.

Our training package supplies the entire necessary infrastructure to launch a Central Line Maintenance Training Program, using Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine’s validated SBML curriculum.  The overall goals of this program are to improve clinical interactions with central lines, to ensure that clinicians are compliant with best evidence-based practices and reduce CLABSI rates. The program includes data metrics methodology to measure improvements.  The basic program includes unlimited phone support throughout the year.

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